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The coolers on the chart are mostly single inlet coolers. Mastercool and Aerocool are the best if you insist on sticking with evaporative cooling. The "Other" column is a combination of mini-ductless split systems, window units and side-wall units. It's interesting data, twenty years ago it was probably 50-50 coolers/conversions! We believe folks are getting smarter, by that we mean instead of throwing away $1500.00 to install the same type of cooling they already have, they are making their home's value go up. When you convert to refrigerated air you get a return on investment worth more then the conversion installation cost! Many people love to have their windows open in the summer so they keep evaporative cooling because it allows doors and windows to remain open. The maintenance issues associated with swamp coolers are obvious to anyone that owns one. Being able to just push a button and have heating or cooling is nice! So comfort, no maintenance and the value of your home increasing is really very compelling arguments for refrigerated air.

Refrigerated Air SEER in 2015

Minimum SEER for Southwest…14


Here we go again, "big brother" has stepped in and changed the SEER rating standard yet again. 14 SEER is really the least we should be putting on our homes anyway. There is still a return on investment over a 13 SEER. We will be searching for the manufacturer that gives the "best bang for the buck" on the 14 SEER. Meaning, quality and price will go into our customer's home! It is a very competitive market right now and we know customers are looking for the best deals when converting to refrigerated air. Custom-Air, Inc. promises to install quality while keeping our prices as low as possible.

Minimum SEER

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Air Conditioning Albuquerque

Air Conditioning

Heating & air conditioning always seems to be the least popular subject of homeowners. We have seen million dollar homes with horrible air conditioning systems because the homeowner and builder didn't seem to care about that aspect of the homes build. Duct systems too small or even too big for the equipment, equipment not sized properly, refrigeration not charged correctly, etc. etc. The home is beautiful but uncomfortable to be in. We spend most of our life in our home, we should be the most comfortable at home then anywhere else!!

New Furnace

New furnace installations can be made ready for future refrigerated air!

Add a "little box" to your new furnace and be ready for future refrigerated air


We all want refrigerated air, yes there are folks that say they don't but let's face have control over your home temperature in the heat of summer is ideal. Swamp coolers will only lower the temp 18 degrees from ambient (outside temp). This means if it is 100 degrees outside you will be lucky if your swamper gets you to 80 degrees. It is now the dead of winter as we write this post and nobody is thinking about refrigerated air. If you are in need of a new furnace there is a way you can save hundreds of dollars on a future refrigerated air conversion. During a new furnace install you can have us put in an evaporator coil and just like that you are ready for a conversion down the road. No need to install it until you have saved up!

Refrigerated Air

Save $$$$

Hybrid Heat Unit

Hybrid Heat by American Standard

Cool and heat your home with the most efficient package unit ever!

The most comfortable hybrid heat machine on any roof!

The American Standard Hybrid Heat package rooftop product is the most efficient way to cool and heat your home. The heat pump gives off a very comfortable warmth in the winter and when the temp drops too low the gas heat takes over so the system doesn't skip a beat. The 14 SEER rating on the cooling side gives you efficient refrigerated air in those hot summer months! The thermostat comes with an outdoor temp sensor to tell the unit exactly what to do.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE 

Goodman deals on central air conditioning conversions

Condensers...Heat Pumps...Package Units...Furnaces...Coils

The prices are AWESOME...they are giving this stuff away! And we install for very reasonable prices!

Deals until 10/30/2015

We just received a bulletin from Goodman Manufacturing about a new price program for the start of the 2014 cooling season. We now have access to hundreds of discounted Goodman residential products. Now is the time to kick that swamp cooler off the roof and get your refrigerated air conversion by Custom-Air, Inc. We know the prices are good for central air conditioning until June 30th but we don't know how many total units are available.


Get your deal done!

Central air conditioner

A central air conditioner by us will be a welcome addition

Adding central air to your existing furnace is fast and easy

A central air conditioner is a quick and painless project for us!

We always show up when we say. We will install your central air conditioner with integrity. Some companies give you a workmanship warranty of 1 maybe 2 years. We go one year beyond any of our competitors. That's because one of the owners is always on your project. That means you not only can trust us in your home, you can trust the central air conditioner will be installed correctly. That is more important then a lot of people think...refrigeration is a complicated gas; it needs to be meticulously  checked for leaks and pressure/temperature relationships must be ideal. Sending just any worker over to install this type of equipment is not a good idea. We always suggest folks get several estimates and check BBB and Google for reviews.  The number one reason to go with a central air conditioner is comfort. There really is no comparison to evaporative cooling. You walk into a home in the middle of July with central air conditioning and you know it right away! The second reason is maintenance, you see the homes all over town with that white stuff coming down the roof. You are constantly on the roof for some reason on those things. You can push a button on the new thermostat to get what you want...heat or cool anytime. The third good reason to install a central air conditioner is home valuation. Every home we have done has gone up in value, let's face it, a home with refrigerated air is a more valuable home! So you can keep dumping money into a swamp cooler every year or spend a little now to convert, you'll save in the long run. Your electric bill will go up, we are not going to "sugar coat" it, it will go up. However, the units now-a-days are more efficient then ever and actually save you money on yearly maintenance and repair  cost. It's important to remember a swamp cooler is "ON" if you are home...a central air conditioner satisfies the thermostat and shuts off for a while. Estimates are done by the owners, so you will see Rick or Dave and estimates are today (505)994-0103.

Swamp coolers

Evaporative Cooling Products

When we install swamp coolers we offer products that range from small window or side-wall units to commercial single inlet Mastercools. The rooftop units always receive new leg kits and an electrical upgrade. The water tubing is checked and replaced if leaking. Champion coolers are well made and we usually install them when a customer does not want the new single inlet Mastercool or Aerocool. We size the units by evaluating each home for wood content, square footage, high ceilings, etc. Swamp coolers can be sized by the cabinet dimensions and motor sizes. We use both to create the correct combination for the home.

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