Flat Roof Ducts

The picture below is an air-conditioning and heating duct system installed by us. The ducts are installed high enough for roofers to do work and low enough for curb appeal. The actual duct that conveys the air is the inner part then R8 insulation wraps it. A foil back cover wraps the insulation then the sheet metal covers everything. All of the duct work is sealed weather tight.

We took this picture of the home next door. They installed the duct system then wrapped it with insulation. The insulation is exposed to the elements.

This is how we do it!

This is how “they” do it

2018 summer conversions

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rooftop package unit

Rooftop package units

rooftop package unit

This is a rooftop package unit and duct system. This system was installed by us and it shows the proper way these flat roof jobs are done. We have seen many different techniques used to do this. Make sure to get a bid from us, it could save you money and it will make sure it's done correctly.

Mechanical Code

Mechanical Codes

The mechanical codes that this country goes by are always the minimum requirement. If your contractor  does the minimum to pass code, your are not being served correctly! The minimum requirement passes inspection, but is not always the best way. We have many installations above minimum standards that perform extremely well for our customers. The way things SHOULD be done!

dirt on the filter

Dirty air conditioning filters

Filtration issues

This is the time of year we get called out to customers homes that have forgotten about their filter. We know how it is! Life is busy and the HVAC system has been doing well so it is not on the mind. Thing is, every time the filter is dirty you pay more on the electric bill and the longevity of the air conditioning condenser drops as well. Once it gets too dirty it freezes the system. If this has happened to you and you are reading this we can help...without a service call. Take the dirty filter out and put in a new one. Go to the thermostat and turn it to off, except for the fan switch, turn it from "Auto" to on. Let that run for a few hours then try cooling again, you should be good to go. If not something else is wrong, call us! Lastly, download our filter reminder app so that your smart phone reminds you to change your filter.

Condensing unit

Albuquerque, Los Lunas & Belen

Thank You!

The year has been such a good one we wanted to make sure the "thank you" went out to all of our air conditioning, heating and plumbing customers that told others about us! We have been able to keep our prices low do to the many referrals by word-of-mouth. The marketing cost for us is low because of these, and we pass that to our customers.

HVAC filtration

HVAC Filters

The filters shown here are pretty typical of the ones people buy and put in. If you look at the one in front you probably think it's cheap and it won't work as good as the others. In a filtration way, you would be correct! The problem is all of the others restrict the air flow too much. That's right, the one in front is the most efficient filter in this picture. The others will certainly filter out more stuff but they also restrict the air to the point you are paying more on your electric bill. You need to change them out more often as well. So save your money and just purchase and install the cheap ones. The most important thing is to change them. We go to homes to service more units because of the filter then any other reason. We have a phone app that doesn't take up any memory at all and it will remind you to change your filter. Try it today! Download it

sun and AC


Air Conditioning Refrigerants 

More info on the EPA phase-out of R-22


The feds are at it again with changes to air conditioning refrigerants. In 2017 it will be 14 SEER only and no R-22. Well, that’s not entirely true! You can still get the R-22 for your old systems but you will pay! The average cost of a jug of R-22 refrigerant is approaching $700.00. Which means you could pay as much for a major repair on your system as you could on just purchasing a new one. Not to mention the efficiency of a new system will pay for itself. Let’s all be smart and check into replacement before spending too much on repairs.

condenser stat

HVAC stats

Custom-Air, Inc. HVAC stats

Our customers are looking for comfort, 2010 thru 2015

HVAC stats

Pie Chart

The coolers on the chart are mostly single inlet coolers. Mastercool and Aerocool are the best if you insist on sticking with evaporative cooling. The "Other" column is a combination of mini-ductless split systems, window units and side-wall units. It's interesting data, twenty years ago it was probably 50-50 coolers/conversions! We believe folks are getting smarter, by that we mean instead of throwing away $1500.00 to install the same type of cooling they already have, they are making their home's value go up. When you convert to refrigerated air you get a return on investment worth more then the conversion installation cost! Many people love to have their windows open in the summer so they keep evaporative cooling because it allows doors and windows to remain open. The maintenance issues associated with swamp coolers are obvious to anyone that owns one. Being able to just push a button and have heating or cooling is nice! So comfort, no maintenance and the value of your home increasing is really very compelling arguments for refrigerated air.